#ReadingWithCort: I Think I Love You By Allison Pearson (Book Review)


Where do i even start with this book!? I wanted to read something for February that was love related, to go with the months theme but this book was such a mistake on so many different levels. Im not going to have you wait and wonder what i think, I'm just going to hop right into it by first saying i didn't finish the book or even get half way into it. 

Here is why...

So the book starts off in 1998 which is 25 years after the story takes place/begins. Her mom passes away and she is going though her stuff and finds a letter addressed to herself but in her old handwriting and she reads it and reads in again and goes inside her old room and then the real chapter starts in 1974.
Once i got somewhat into the first chapter i was wondering how did she write a whole Novel on this. David Cassidy this, David Cassidy that... his favorite color is Brown. Like for real! This could have been a short Novel and we would have still got the point. It was just very dull and young minded to the point of being extremely boring. Then again it could just be me and the age that i am, to young to understand the love girls had for David Cassidy back then or too old now to appreciate a crush between an young girl and someone she idolized/loved. 
Hopefully the next book i read is way better than this one but i cant recommend this to anyone. Unless you enjoy reading and becoming the character... i dont know, what very floats your boat.
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5
I Think I Love You By Allison Pearson 
PS: March 2017 Book i will be reading is L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
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