FashionShyChild : April 2017

April 27, 2017

Daily Goodie Box: April Products and Review


Hey, fellow Shy Children!

Today i am bring to you another Daily Goodie Box Review. This is the April box and all around it was a pretty good box. I got to test out products that i wouldn't normally buy and brands that i never heard of before, Thats probably one of the main things i like about getting these boxes and the fact that i can share my thoughts and opinions with you all. 

So lets get into what products was in this April Daily Goodie Box and how i feel about them.

April 26, 2017

tres leche


With Cinco de Mayo coming up all i can think about is a Tres Leche Cake. I don't know what it is but that just sounds really good right now and when i look at this top i am wearing, that is what it reminds me of... very random but so very true or i have gone mad.
One advantage that i have is, living in a well populated town that seems to specialize in Mexican food. Its nothing like the Bay Area but it does have a lot of Mexican stores and supermarkets that i know will be making and selling great Tres Leches.

What have you been craving?

April 24, 2017

Why I Stopped Talking About My Weight

If you have been ready my blog for a while, you know back in 2015 i wanted to lose weight and get back to being comfortable at a good weight that was right for me. I shared my weight, progress and thoughts with you all until one day it just stopped and know one new anything That was going on. I basically stopped talking about it and moved on to other topics... or so you thought!
That being said, today im going to let you know the truth on why i stopped talking about my weight. Its going to be hard for me to share this information since it is a very personal subject and topic... but here you go...

April 21, 2017

It's best ToSave


I'm always on the look out for great bargains and anyway i can save a few extra bucks and get the things i need/want is always a great thing. So a few months back i was contacted via email by a company called . I had no clue what the company was about but from the title i new it had something to do with saving and that alone caught my attention. So i read the email and did some investigating on my own like i always do. 
That being said is a website that specialize in offering amazing great deals on trending Beauty and Fashion items. Think of it as an Amazon but cheaper. Very easy to navagate through and has so many sections and items to choose from. I was able to pick out three items

April 18, 2017

Spring Vibes


I dont know what it is but i have been in a great Spring mood. Even though this Easter Weekend was all types of rain and storms, i didn't let that damper my feelings. Because what does the old saying say... April Showers brings May Flowers! 

April 14, 2017

#ReadingWithCort: L.A. Candy By Lauren Conrad (Book Review)


Compared to the last book i read, I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson this book was also a young read but something i could get through and actually enjoyed. I did have two versions of the book, so hard cover copy and the Audible listening. I did use both to get through this novel for time reasons but i think i enjoyed the Audible version better since Lauren herself was reading the book.

April 12, 2017

Dollar Tree Beauty Test: Wet n Wild Fergie Creme Liner & Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge


Today im bring to you another Dollar Tree Beauty Test. This trip to me was something special, even though at first it didn't end up that way. When i walked into Dollar Tree and went to there beauty section to see if there was anything new or interesting to try i only found the Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge... in a variety of different colors i must add. I was kind of disappointed because i didnt want to just find one item to review for you. But that all changed near check out! Someone decided that they didnt want the Wet n Wild Fergie Cream Liner, So i graved it off of the checkout end cap, added it to my basket and here we are today reviewing each of the items.

So lets break the products down and see if its worth buying and using.

April 3, 2017

Dreaming Of Santa Monica


For a couple of weeks now, i have been really thinking about how great a vacation or getaway sounds. I even find myself watching Travel Vlogs and wishing i was there with them.
With this sprung of an obsession, i do have to say i found some great Blogs/Vlogs...
World Of WanderlustErik Conover, Fly With Stella to name a few.