Dollar Tree Beauty Test: Wet n Wild Fergie Creme Liner & Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge


Today im bring to you another Dollar Tree Beauty Test. This trip to me was something special, even though at first it didn't end up that way. When i walked into Dollar Tree and went to there beauty section to see if there was anything new or interesting to try i only found the Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge... in a variety of different colors i must add. I was kind of disappointed because i didnt want to just find one item to review for you. But that all changed near check out! Someone decided that they didnt want the Wet n Wild Fergie Cream Liner, So i graved it off of the checkout end cap, added it to my basket and here we are today reviewing each of the items.

So lets break the products down and see if its worth buying and using.

Wet n Wild Fergie Creme Liner-
Review: This is not a typical brand you would find at the Dollar Tree, like come on its Wet n Wild! A huge name brand drugstore name that has and makes a lot of great products that i know and love. That being said finding this brand at the Dollar Tree was a huge win in its self. But we are here for the quality of the product! So this cream liner right from the look and design reminded me of a cream eyeliner i used to use years back from Wet n Wild called Mega Eyes. I used to be obsessed with that cream eyeliner and it was always sold out in the color black and if there was any in stock i would make sure i buy two just to have a back up. The only difference i notice from that one and this one is that the packaging is way better and the brush is something that anyone could use comfortably. That is the only difference and it has me really believing that they are actually the same thing, in better packaging and a new name... what do you think? Because the color is super black and the staying power is still amazing. Last but not least i would consider this product to be beginner friendly since your the one able to control how much product you put on and with the brush it will just be easier then liquid eyeliner.
Pros: Nice Packaging, Great size brush, Super Black, Hasn't Dried, Beginner friendly
Cons: None
Final Thoughts: If you find this in your Dollar Tree don't hesitate, just buy it. I was lucky enough to find this one in black and its called "Little Black Dress" but if you do see it in another colors, its still going to be amazing. Im so happy to have my favorite cream liner back in my life.
If you refer buying it online you can do so HERE

Sassy + Chic Blending Sponge-
Review: This is my first time buying and using a blending sponge that looks like a Beauty Blender. I always wanted one but never could justify spending some much money, when i have no clue how the thing is actually going to work. So buying this and giving it a try was the close thing to it. Right from the beginning taking to sponge out of the packaging it was stiff. But i have watched some many make up girls using sponges before and they always wet it first and squeeze the water out, so that's what i did...FAIL!!!! The sponge was still stiff and now i can also smell a plastic rubber smell, like WTF! I still tested it out anyways. So the foundation i used to test the sponge out was also buy the same brand Sassy and Chic and i mentioned it in my last Dollar Tree Beauty Test post and that the Sassy + Chic Moisturizing Foundation in Dark... I love it so much! I wanted the test to be fair, so why not use the same brand of foundation. Well let me tell ya, the sponge was still stiff and that made it really uncomfortable applying the foundation to my face. I not going to lie, i did use less product applying with this blending sponge and the finish was flawless. but since the sponge was so stiff it was hard for the product to set into the face and not leave streaks.So you will have to take your time with it.
Pros: Great shape and tip, Flawless finish foundation
Cons: Stiff, Smells
Final Thoughts: I dont know if i would or wouldn't recommend this product. I really need to test another low cost blending sponge to give you my exact answer. I know for myself if anything happens to this one i would find another brand to try. And to be competently honest i really want the Beauty Blender now, since my only complaint with this one is the stiffness and and the smell. 

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