Dreaming Of Santa Monica


For a couple of weeks now, i have been really thinking about how great a vacation or getaway sounds. I even find myself watching Travel Vlogs and wishing i was there with them.
With this sprung of an obsession, i do have to say i found some great Blogs/Vlogs...
World Of WanderlustErik Conover, Fly With Stella to name a few.

I really think im having these thoughts because summer is coming up and when i was living with my mom we would go on a vacation every year. That has of course changed since my siblings and i are all older and have our own lives with other priorities, that unfortunately has to come first. But even a trip to Santa Monica for a couple of days would still be something great. 

I'm basically just putting this information out into the universe because thinking and believing does make dreams come true. But if you are going on a Trip soon here are my tips to Jet-Set & Go along with  5 Top Places I Would Love To Visit... Enjoy!

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