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I'm always on the look out for great bargains and anyway i can save a few extra bucks and get the things i need/want is always a great thing. So a few months back i was contacted via email by a company called . I had no clue what the company was about but from the title i new it had something to do with saving and that alone caught my attention. So i read the email and did some investigating on my own like i always do. 
That being said is a website that specialize in offering amazing great deals on trending Beauty and Fashion items. Think of it as an Amazon but cheaper. Very easy to navagate through and has so many sections and items to choose from. I was able to pick out three items that i could test out and review for you and that is what i did. I did try my best to pick stuff from different sections but we all know with a great deal you have to get there fast to get what you want. So this is going to be a review on beauty related items from the site that i really believe you should check out.
So lets get into the review of the items.
PS: These items where sent to me free of charge for testing and review purposes. All reviews are 100% my opinion and no payment was exchanged.

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Product Review: I have tried a lot of inexpensive brushes before but none of them have looked or worked as good as these. First, there is two color choose for this set you can pick from. Blue is the one i have and the other color is purple.
Next, i never had so many eye brushes in a set before. Some people might think its to much but if you have been doing makeup for a while you know that you can never have to many eye brushes and you will use them all.
But probably the most important part is quality. This isn't just including the build of them because that part is somewhat standard since they are very light weight but the quality and softness of the bristles are amazing, I have even washed them all and when dry they still kept there integrity.
I will defiantly need to do a makeup tutorial showing these brushes and how great they blend eye shadow.

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Product Review: Having a makeup vanity mirror seem to be one of the popular beauty items every makeup girl wants but one a few can get because of there high prices. But those ones are usually the ones that can only stay at home because they are made to be kept in one spot or they are two heavy or to fragile to even think about packing and taking with you one trip or even just a sleep over.
But this one is different because its perfect for every day uses and even travel. I can compare the size of the mirror to my wallet but even my wallet is bigger and bulky compared to this portable mirror. So this mirror does come fully instated with batteries and if by any chance you need to change them that is also no problems since its very easy to do so. There is a stand in the back of the mirror that helps it stand up and gives you the perfect angel to do your makeup in it.
Before receiving it i was kinda scared that it was going to be so light weight and cheap feeling but i was totally wrong.
 I also really do see this item being a great birthday, graduation or Holiday gift for all ages,

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Product Review: I first seen this kind of brush pad advertised by a beauty company a few years ago and still being tested by beauty vlogger tell this day. I used to think, oh thats cool but who really need something like that and why is it so freakin high. So when looking on and actually seeing that they have something that look exactly like the one advertised by a beauty company was amazing and for only $3.25 who wouldn't want to try.
That being said i am so happy i did! This brush pad has amazing quality and texture that even the dirtiest brushes will differently get cleaned. On top of that my brushes now look like new and using this pad had cut my brush cleaning time down a lot. I used to be in the bathroom for so long trying to get all of the foundation build up and eyeliner out of my brushes. So i guess its safe to say i have also cute down on the amount of water i waste to clean my brushes too.

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