#ReadingWithCort: L.A. Candy By Lauren Conrad (Book Review)


Compared to the last book i read, I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson this book was also a young read but something i could get through and actually enjoyed. I did have two versions of the book, so hard cover copy and the Audible listening. I did use both to get through this novel for time reasons but i think i enjoyed the Audible version better since Lauren herself was reading the book.

But getting into the review itself, i already new Lauren Conrad's back story or rise to fame and while reading the book some things would pop out as things that i new happen in her life. Even though the book is about Jane and her best friend Scarlet, as they move to L.A. to pursue there dreams and got to school, kinda like Heidi and Lauren at the beginning of The Hills. They eventually meet this guy that wants to cast them on a Reality Show that is actually called L.A. Candy. That being said to not give the whole book away (i kinda already did) it goes through the behind the scenes of Reality TV and the ups and downs that happen. There is a bit of a what happens next, since there is more books to this series.

So you might be thinking, "Will you read the other books?" The answer to that is, YES! This book was well written and had an interesting story. Some parts i do have to say kinda didn't make sense or jumped ahead leaving me feeling like what just happened. But for her first book it was pretty good.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5
L.A. Candy By Lauren Conrad

PS: April 2017 book i will be reading is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. If you would like to know more about #ReadingWithCort look at this post.

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