Why I Stopped Talking About My Weight

If you have been ready my blog for a while, you know back in 2015 i wanted to lose weight and get back to being comfortable at a good weight that was right for me. I shared my weight, progress and thoughts with you all until one day it just stopped and know one new anything That was going on. I basically stopped talking about it and moved on to other topics... or so you thought!
That being said, today im going to let you know the truth on why i stopped talking about my weight. Its going to be hard for me to share this information since it is a very personal subject and topic... but here you go...
I stopped talking about my weight because i wasn't losing weight. I was staying the same weight every week or yoyoing between weights. I new from the beginning trying to lose weight was going to be hard but i was willing to do the work to loose it. But one of the biggest things i didn't share with you all was the fact that i was on Birth Control, the Depo shot to be exact. I was on this shot since 2011 and just recently got off on it October 2016. That's 5 years of that stuff and to be completely honest, you do gain weight and have weird moods... but i will talk about that more in another post if your interested in hearing. Some people might think or say i was eating to much and that was completely untrue most of the time and the reason i know this is because i was so dedicated in logging my food into a meal/cal tracker. But the weight just kept sneaking up on me pound by pound. This made me very sad and lost on what to do and to top it all of i was already stressed out from personal living life stuff that im still trying to fix. But what really put the icing on the cake for me today was stepping on the scale and seeing that i gain 30 lbs from getting off of Depo. I'm upset with myself because i really do feel like i let myself down. Im tired of always having to think about my weight or for people reminded me about it, like its something i dont see. But the most sad part of all is letting you down. There was a bit of you that was on this journey with me and i just disappeared, like i didn't care or like it wasn't important... i am truly sorry!
So that's basically why and im not telling you this so you can feel bad for me or so i can fill bad for myself. I just feel like you needed to know and i need to get it together and figure out what works for me to loose weight.

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