Blazing Heat

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Tank Top: Altamont | Jeans: Charlotte Russe | Slides: Adidas Adilette | Sunglasses: Forever21 (similar here) | Earrings: ShopmissA (similar here) | Tumbler Cup: Starbucks 16oz | Lipstick: Gerard Cosmetics "Buttercup"

This weekend was blazing hot out of know where! How did it go from being cloudy, windy and looking like i was going to rain for the next day being in the upper 90's? You would have thought after these 3 years of living out here in the Valley i would be used to this crazy weather, but im not and i am very unprepared. Looking though my closet to find something cool to wear, i realized i didn't have any appropriate Summer attire. For one, you would have thought iv noticed this a couple of weeks back when i did my spring cleaning.But im so obsessed and crazy about having everything dark toned, it really didn't faze me or everything looked the same.
So that being said, this tank is borrowed! Yep, i went to my boyfriends side of the closet and took his tank top to wear... what kinda fashion blogger am i, so unprepared. but it was cooling and i thought it looked good on me, in tell i took these pictures.
When it comes to my body and being Plus Size, there are things that i have excepted, grew to love or just never bothered me. But they're two things that make me very self conscious... my arms and back fat. Those two things are things i have tried to hide for the longest time. My back fat isn't that bad though because loosing weight easily makes that disappear. But my arms on another hard, it feel like know matter how much weight i loose they are always so unflattering to me. So to make a long story short, these pictures went up anyways because i am still me and this is how i look for right now.

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