Laced Love

 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
This weekend for us in the United States was Mother's Day and i made sure ahead of time my mom got her card, so that was great. But before that, if you have been following my blog since it started you know that i have been in a relationship for what i feel like has been forever and on the 13th is the day that we celebrated our 6 years together. I'm still kinda confused on how it only been 6 years, but when i think also about Fashion Shy Child its still a young baby to me.
Anyways, since it is spring and you know a girl loves to clean and Spring Cleaning is a must. I decided to pull out and keep out this laced love. I bought this lace jacket off of the Forever21 website 6 years ago... i know shocking too! I really do love it, one because it lace and pretty and i love lacey things and other because its freakin breathable and it has been kinda hot. What do you think about it?

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