FashionShyChild : June 2017

June 29, 2017

Introduction To: PlanWithCort

Hey, fellow Shy Children!
Today i am bring to you a bit of new information...(if you follow me on SnapChat, its not really new). I have been talking about my planner and planning for the longest time on Snapchat, YouTube, and even on here Fashion Shy Child. For that same amount of time, i always thought it would be a bad idea to introduce planning to such a fashion/beauty dominated community, i created through Fashion Shy Child. But in reality, planning and organization is what keeps this blog going and to stay on the right track.

June 27, 2017

What's On My IPhone 6S Plus

Ever been so curious to know what's on your favorite Bloggers IPhone or phone in general? Well your not alone! A persons cell phone is literally their second baby and to some probably even their first. As a culture and community we live on our phones, by spending mostly every waking day checking social media, making plans and replying back to the people that care about us and our content.
That is why i decided to

June 26, 2017


When editing these photo's i realized how hypnotizing this dress can be... i hope I'm not making you dizzy or sick. But welcome to my roller coaster!
This past week and weekend i did a lot of thinking about life, FashionShyChild and my overall well being and happiness. Because lets face it, life is short when it comes to different aspects and having some type of plan and direction makes me feel at ease and more happier. 
That being said, in little less than a month it will be my Birthday. Im not turning

June 15, 2017

Daily Goodie Box: June Products and Review

image Hey, fellow Shy Children! 
Today i am bring to you another Daily Goodie Box Review. This is the June box and health and wellness should have been the theme. Everything that came in the box was very healthy and clean at that. I got to test out and discover some brands and products i never seen or heard of before and i had a very nice experiences with basically everything in the box. So i guess its safe to say that this was a very successful box.  

June 12, 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide

Fathers day gift guide

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links, which means I receive commission if you make a purchase using my links. 

Clouds and Blue Skies


Happy Monday!
First thing i would like to get out the way and say. The day i took these photos, it was super beautiful (as you can see) but that all changed! All of a sudden it started to get dark, you could hear thunder and then it rained... Yep, That California Valley Life!
But other than that, this weekend was very chill. I got a lot of much needed sleep because if you know, that has been very hard for me. I have been looking at new cars on the market now because where i live you have to have a car. There is nothing close and everything

June 7, 2017

Dollar Tree Beauty Test: L.A. Colors Bold Eyes Eyeshadow & L.A. Colors Bold Lash Mascara


Today I'm bring to you another Dollar Tree Beauty Test. These products i did purchase back in April when i made a huge Dollar Tree beauty section purchase and im just now getting around to sharing my experience with you. I will be breaking down my thoughts on L.A. Colors Bold Eyes Eyeshadow & L.A. Colors Bold Lash Mascara. That being said this has given me over enough time to really tell you what i think about the two products. But one of the things is very noticeable... they are from the same company L.A. Colors, so this should be interesting.

So lets break the products down and see if its worth buying and using.

June 6, 2017

Mask Off

Top: Hollister Co. | Jeans: Charlotte Russe | Sandals: Torrid | Eyeglasses: | Necklace:
I'm not hiding it anymore! I have been having the worst time sleeping for almost a year now. It's not that i cant stay asleep, that would be the least of it, its the fact that i cant get to sleep.  At first i was just dealing with it, staying up all night and going to sleep in the A.M. hours. The only thing with that is, when its day time i feel like i need to due something... work, get a post up...something. 
I have now turn to Sleeping Medicine, Melatonin to be exact in gummy or powder form.

June 2, 2017

Goals for June 2017


Opening my planner and actually realizing that its already June, kinda scared me... im not going to lie!  It made me think about all the months that pasted by, that i kept telling myself  i am going to get organized and not give up on my Mini Happy Planner, even though i came to realize that this size is a bit to small for me.
Last month in secret i came up with monthly Social Media goals that i wanted to accomplish. Mainly about the numbers of  people i can reach because we should all know by now this is a numbers game, even though the effect you have on people is way more important than that. But a lot of my Social Outcomes doesn't reflect how many people i