Clouds and Blue Skies


Happy Monday!
First thing i would like to get out the way and say. The day i took these photos, it was super beautiful (as you can see) but that all changed! All of a sudden it started to get dark, you could hear thunder and then it rained... Yep, That California Valley Life!
But other than that, this weekend was very chill. I got a lot of much needed sleep because if you know, that has been very hard for me. I have been looking at new cars on the market now because where i live you have to have a car. There is nothing close and everything is a 13-30 minute drive away...all the good stuff and i just need to be able to drive and get around. I don't like to talk about it because its super embarrassing, but i know i have driver anxiety i just need to get over it ... Mind Over Matter... right!?
So, i have been really interested in the New Jeeps. Mostly the Jeep Renegade Limited and the Wrangler Unlimited. This is just so weird to me because i wasn't a Jeep person, i always loved Volkswagen but living in The Valley and not The City, the Beetle is way to small.

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