Goals for June 2017


Opening my planner and actually realizing that its already June, kinda scared me... im not going to lie!  It made me think about all the months that pasted by, that i kept telling myself  i am going to get organized and not give up on my Mini Happy Planner, even though i came to realize that this size is a bit to small for me.
Last month in secret i came up with monthly Social Media goals that i wanted to accomplish. Mainly about the numbers of  people i can reach because we should all know by now this is a numbers game, even though the effect you have on people is way more important than that. But a lot of my Social Outcomes doesn't reflect how many people i am actually reaching and that actually care. It can get frustration at times and make me feel that im just not good enough or my content sucks. But im not a sell out and the personality i portray is really me and the stuff i show and love, is the things i really do use and enjoy.
So getting into my June 2017 Goals and filling out my planner with post ideas ,is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is remember who you really are and what you really love and everything will just fall into place. That being said my goals for this month is just to post more, interact and just be creatively happy. 💙

PS: Can you tell im excited for Despicable Me 3... I love the Minions!

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