When editing these photo's i realized how hypnotizing this dress can be... i hope I'm not making you dizzy or sick. But welcome to my roller coaster!
This past week and weekend i did a lot of thinking about life, FashionShyChild and my overall well being and happiness. Because lets face it, life is short when it comes to different aspects and having some type of plan and direction makes me feel at ease and more happier. 
That being said, in little less than a month it will be my Birthday. Im not turning any mile stone age but i am in my mid 20's and 30 isn't that far away. On top of that what i expected my life to be now isn't how i imagined or planned. Somethings have went better than others but i still don't feel, i am where I'm supposed to be or even on the right track. 
I feel like we are all Hypnotized with false illusions and orders on how our life is supposed to go. I was one of those kids that tried to do everything the so called, "Right Way". I graduated High School, went to College (took and break and never went back), worked at different jobs... but something still isn't right!
Am i having a Quarter Life Crisis?
 In my head im supposed to be more successful than where i am at now. But what am i doing wrong... that is the question!?
PS: I mostly always makeup free in my outfit post, have you noticed?

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  1. So pretty, this outfit is perfect for summer! I love your blog! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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