Introduction To: PlanWithCort

Hey, fellow Shy Children!
Today i am bring to you a bit of new information...(if you follow me on SnapChat, its not really new). I have been talking about my planner and planning for the longest time on Snapchat, YouTube, and even on here Fashion Shy Child. For that same amount of time, i always thought it would be a bad idea to introduce planning to such a fashion/beauty dominated community, i created through Fashion Shy Child. But in reality, planning and organization is what keeps this blog going and to stay on the right track.
In somewhat of a secret, i have been running an Instagram account dedicated to my planner, planning supplies and decoration. I also really enjoy watching planner videos and is a bit obsessed with buying stickers and washi, but i never had a place to really share that love.
Over the past month i have been really thinking of ideas to express that love and the idea of starting a new blog dedicated to planning came to mind. But with everything on my plate already, it would just be a bad idea. That's when i just said, "you know what, I'm making a section on Fashion Shy Child. If it works it works and if it doesn't my friends and readers will help me work it out"!
That all being said here is the start of Plan With Cort and im really excited. So, please make sure to watch the video down below and also follow me on Instagram  @planwithcort.


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