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I'm not hiding it anymore! I have been having the worst time sleeping for almost a year now. It's not that i cant stay asleep, that would be the least of it, its the fact that i cant get to sleep.  At first i was just dealing with it, staying up all night and going to sleep in the A.M. hours. The only thing with that is, when its day time i feel like i need to due something... work, get a post up...something. 
I have now turn to Sleeping Medicine, Melatonin to be exact in gummy or powder form. I personally wouldn't consider that being bad, since a few years ago i had this same problem and i was taking NyQuil like every night to get to sleep and i will say that i became addicted. I'm not proud of it and now i get watched like a hawk anytime I'm around medicine, even when i am sick.
I know this lack of sleep has contributed to my weight gain and overly stressed mindset. All of this just needs to get fixed and that's what i am going to do,

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