Dollar Tree Beauty Test: Beauty Benefits Pressed Powder, Mascara and Lipgloss

Today I bring to you, another Dollar Tree Beauty Test. This Beauty Test almost didn't happen due to the fact of  my local Dollar Tree lacking anything new. I went to the beauty section to find a lot of empty stands and products that looked like cheap junk or things i have already used and hated. until i look up and what did i see on top of the nail polishes... one lonely cute packaging Lip Gloss. At this point i thought i hit the jackpot or struck gold in this dry store. So i put that one lonely product in my basket with the intentions of it being the only Dollar Tree beauty product i would be testing for you.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel (or in this case isle) a whole display case of very cute packaged products called BeautyBenefits. You would have thought you was in a Walgreens, CVS or Ulta at this point... so i had to grave more!
Moving on from the informative background story, i will be sharing my experience testing out BeautyBenefits products. I did test out three products from the line but i didn't want to get to much and completely hate the product and be stuck with stuff i didn't want. But from my experience now, i would love to get some eye shadows and maybe one blush and bronzer. That being said, lets get into the review of the products.
PS: Watch this video to see my First Impression

Total Coverage Foundation Powder "Oat"
Review: So this product states it suppose to be a Total Coverage, Silky Smooth, all day wear and Radiant Finish. Let me state that i have Oily Skin and that can will be a factor in this review. So i picked the color Oat and i was right on point, it matches my skin flawlessly. When applying i do use a brush and it does on smoothly. It suppose to be a total coverage and foundation an i don't get that. I get a medium coverage with the brush but if you use a sponge you might be able to achieve that full coverage. The finish to me is not radiant but matte but that's okay for me since i do have oily skin and i like to apply highlighter. The all day wear will only work if you have dry skin. My oil makes this super shiny so touch ups are a must. But the product does set nice so all i have to do is oil blot and im okay.

Pros: perfect color, light weight, smooth, silky, beautiful finish

Cons: No mirror, missing name on product

Final Thoughts: Buy, Buy, Buy...You need this prouder in your life! I really like this powder and for a person like me that has to wear makeup to take one photo and film a video a cheap great working product is a must. A bonus: If you get the Sassy + Chic foundation and this product and wear then together, no one will know because it looks great.

Lengthening Mascara "Black"
Review: This mascara sates that its suppose to be Clump Free, Natural Looking volume and Enhancing. I have to say right off the bat, im not feeling this mascara "On Its Own". First off all the product stinks, it has a very strong chemical smell. Next, you have to use a lot of coats to make your lashes look like anything and its very messy. In the first impressions video i made you will see that the product on looked like i didn't know how to use mascara and that far from the truth. Also the wand and the brush is to close in width. If the brush was a little bit bigger it might work a little better "On Its Own". So lets talk about giving the product some help. If you prime your lashes with Loreal Paris Voluminous Base and then apply this mascara you will notice a huge difference and actually like the product.

Pros: Not clumpy, light weight

Cons: messy, not a good brush, feels like its made for kids

Final Thoughts: I wouldn't recommend buying this, it doesn't work "On Its Own" and its not worth your dollar, Dollar Tree sells way better mascaras that work great and this one shouldn't be made an option.

Sparkling Lip Gloss "Crepe"
Review: I went with the lightest or nude shade they had because i don't have that color when it comes to Lip Glosses in my collection and the other colors they had was more pinks and reds and i didn't want that. So this lip gloss states that its a Sparkling, High-Shine, Ultra-glossy and Moisturizing. Everything they said was completely true and the product lives up to its packaging. The only complaint i have or its just me being petty but i thought the gloss was going to have more of a color like what i see in the actual tube but its very muted and also the color name isnt on the packaging at all. So if i did or do get more they would have to stay in there boxes so i would know what color it is.

Pros: High Shine, Glossy, Moisturizing, frosting funfetti smell, Cute Packaging, Not sticky or tacky

Cons: No name on packaging and light in color

Final Thoughts: I would actually recommend this one in this color. Its super pretty on and it would look nice over a lipstick. Iv been wearing it quite a lot i do have to say.

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