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Glasses, glasses, glasses, one of the things a lot of use have to wear and cant live without. But with the price of Prescription lenses and frames going up, its getting more real then some might think. I know for myself even with Insurance, i have to pay a high out of pocket fee just to cover my special eye exam and that's not even adding in the cost for the actual eye wear itself. I don't know about you but i don't have tons of money to spend on glasses every year. So, that's when you have to work around the problem/situation and find an alternative, in my case its .
For over a year now i have been wearing Glassesshop Prescription eyeglasses and loving them. I love them so much, that when the company asked if i would review a new pair of my choice i couldn't refuse because i know the quality is amazing. On top of that i get a huge amount of complements and questions from you online and even in the real world. I have came to notice that a lot of people don't realize that you can get a great pair of trendy eyeglasses from online and it wont break your bank. Some might wonder how is that even possible and just like everything else, cutting out the middle man can really make a difference.
So are you ready to order yourself a pair or two or even three? Well that's great to hear because i have a special Coupon Code GSHOT50 that will get you 50% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses but its only through their website and it doesn't include sale items. If your going to order a none the glasses frames because you just like cute frames you can do that too. But for my friends that need a prescription pair, you will need to have your prescription out to put in the information and also your pupillary distance. If your prescription is anything like mine and your eye doctor wont give you your pupillary distance there is websites and apps that can help you out. And that basically it, its very simple and if you have questions or need help Customer Service is there and they will answer your questions.
 I know your wondering what glasses am rocking at the moment and these are the "Douglas Aviator" in Grey/Crystal. There very vintage inspired with a trendy clear bottom half. Like i said before, these are my second pair and they stay in my office at my desk. I'm on my computer a lot writing content, checking emails and talking to you all that it can be very hard on my eyes and wearing my glasses is a complete must. I cant go anywhere without having one of my frames on. But if there was one item i would personally get from the shop is there Prescription Sunglasses. So stylish and so many to choose from.
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