What to wear: Summer Wedding As A Guest

Summer wedding as a guest

Yes, you guest it! Its wedding season and the most difficult situation you have is trying to figure out what to wear as a guest in attendance. Well, i am here to help you out by breaking everything down into smaller visions. Because i know you brain is going everywhere right now and to be honest a lot of it is self doubt. But don't worry, get a pen and paper and lets go over some key questions.
First Question: Where is the wedding going to be at? The answers i came up with could be Traditional Church, Destination (usually on a beautiful beach/outside) or Non traditional but sweet (like in a beautiful hall inside).
Second Question: What is the Theme? All wedding have a theme and its usually a color theme at the most. Knowing the colors of the wedding can help with picking out your outfit color by not crashing with the theme they already have going on. Because know one wants to be the bright sun in a picture off all neutrals.
Th Question: What do you actually want to wear? If your a woman do you want to wear a dress or a skirt? If your a man, do you want to wear a suit or slacks and a button down? Bonobos does have some great fitting men's pants!
The key at the end of this is that you feel comfortable and stay true to what makes you feel beautiful. Because wedding events can last a couple of hours and on top of that you might see people you haven't seen in years. So now I'm going to share with you some ideas i have, based off of the three possible locations. OH Wait! Your probable a person like myself who lives in black and wont to know if black an okay color to wear to a wedding? The answer is YES! black is perfectly fine, its the style of the dress that matters.
Summer Wedding As A Guest

Summer Wedding As A Guest

Summer Wedding As A Guest

Hopefully these three examples helped you decide or gave you some great ideas on what to wear to your guest invitation Summer Wedding. Now you can relax and think about all the pictures you will be taking... Have fun!

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