Where I've Been


Hey, fellow Shy Children!
For a lot of you, you guys have been following me and reading my blog since the very beginning and i really think you for that. I also have a lot of new readers and you guys have only seen a little bit from me since i have been a little MIA.
 I'm basically writing this post update to give you all an explanation to why i have been missing from all of Social Media and even on here, my blog. To get right to the point, i have been going though some changes in my life and its just the very beginning and my way at the time was to live in the moment and relax and not think about everything that needs to be done. It gave me a chance to gather my thoughts, emotions and opinions. Even though i know im letting a lot of you down.
Right now, i feel ready to come back and give my all and my best. I know this didn't explain much, but just roll with me and you will definitely find out.

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