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September 18, 2017

#SecondHandFirst With ThredUP

When it comes to second hand clothing or consignment shops, I'm all about it! Growing up my family and i would always go to second hand stores and i would have a filled day picking out everything i wanted and liked. As a bonus, it was a great learning experience on how to budget money and save the environment. But sometimes there was a down side to shopping second hand. Like not having my size in clothing i liked or prices WAY to high for something that's faded and messed up. It can be a win or loose situation.
But remember there is always a bright side to things. One of them being an online secondhand shop called Thredup. A couple of weeks ago i was contacted by them via email to share with you all some of the different brands and styles they have to offer. All of their pieces are in like new condition and are greatly priced. I already new who they where as a brand, since i am originally a San Francisco bay area native and word greats around. So i new agreeing to share would be something you would like and something i can trust to stand behind.
That being said, in this post i will be sharing with you Three different outfits wearing pieces that came from the Thredup website. So i hope you enjoy!
PS: Everything came very fast, nicely wrapped and packaged and smelt really good too.
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image image
Long Sleeve T-ShirtsDenim Jeans
This forever21 baseball tee is so nice. I got it in a size 3X  and its now my new favorite top. These jeans are actually from a brand i never seen or heard of before. So at first i didn't have a clue what size to get or how they would fit but they are from Denim 24/7 size 18T. I love the fit and the style... kinda what more.
image image
imageBlack Leggings | Blouse
This top was originally Forever21 branded in a size 3X and i shop at forever21 a lot and i have never seen this blouse before, so happy i have it now.
image image

This top is originally from Torrid (size 3x) and it came in new condition, still with the original tags.The leggings are Old Navy branded in a size XL.
image image

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