Blue Jeans & Special Announcement

I have been keeping a HUGE secret from you for a while now. Back at the end of summer, August 19th to be exact i wrote and put up a post called "Where I've Been". If you haven't read it, i didn't go into much detail on what was going on with me just that i needed to live in the moment and gather my thoughts. I told you i would eventually tell you whats going on and i feel like today is the day and i am ready.
So that being said, the Special Announcement and big secret is.... I'M PREGNANT!
Yes, you have read and seen that correctly. I am as of this week, 19 weeks pregnant. That means i am half way through my pregnancy. I don't know what the gender is yet and i wont find out tell my next appointment on November 21, so that's really exciting. Anyways if you want me to talk about any pregnancy related topics, let me know and i would be more than happy to do that for you. 
When it comes to me wearing jeans and blue colored for that matter its very rare now. I'm basically living in leggings and anything loose. But these blue jeans are my going out look put together jeans. And the best part is they are long leg jeans. Do you know how hard it is to find long jeans for us tall people and to add also plus size. For some reason when companies want to put those two together they always want to make it wide also. Like I'm not wide, tall and plus size. I'm just tall and plus size. But if your wondering where i got these jeans from, its actually c/o ThredUp. If you haven't seen that post make sure you check it out because their website really has nice, affordable and trendy pieces.

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