Dollar Tree Beauty Test: Colormates Eyeshadow & L.A. Colors Duo Eye Shadow Pencil

   I know that last time i tested some Dollar Tree beauty products and shared it with you was a while ago and i'm so sorry. Some of you have been on my tail via Email asking if i have certain products at my Dollar Tree that you wanted me to test out or have i ever used it before. Well, i do have two products from the Dollar Tree that i have been testing out and using and i will be reviewing those products for you today. That being said Halloween is coming up and these products might just work out for you. 
So lets break the products down and see if its worth buying and using.

Colormates "Island Oasis" Palette-

Review: This palette gives you an array of 12 earthy tone shades (i guess for them its Island Oasis shades) ranging from pinkie browns to ocean blues. The colors are displayed nicely, in an order that could help a beginner with makeup come up with easy combinations. They also appear bold and vibrant. When testing this palette out, i did test it two different ways but always wearing an eyeshadow base. The first way was with eyeshadow brushes. To some like myself that is a complexity know brainier way. But it wasn't the best way for these shadows, it made that fall out real and kind of messy. It also dulled down the pigment of the shadows, letting me to first believe that this product is crappy kids makeup.Then one day i decided to test it again on a fast whim and i used the little brush applicator that the palette comes with. Usually with little applicators like this, i would just throw them in the trash but I'm happy i didn't this time because this palette was meant to be used this this applicator. The colors now went on so smooth and pigmented (as pigmented as cheap eye shadows get) and no fall out. The final result changed my whole perspective of the palette. But i do have to say, in person the colors on come off true to what you put on but in pictures its really lacking and more of a natural look.

Pros: pigmented, smooth, works great with appreciator sponge, natural looking

Cons: no mate shades, cant use makeup brushes, doesn't come off true in pictures

My Final Thoughts: I don't feel like i wasted a dollar on this palette because its great for what it is. I have actually been loving this palette as an everyday fast makeup look to look put together on days that i really don't care about or have to film a fast YouTube video. I think its a great cheap palette for someone going to school or work and want more a natural look. PS: This palette was in my September Favorites video on YouTube.
If you prefer buying it online, you can do so Here.

L.A. Colors Duo Eye Shadow Pencil "Teal Steal"-

Review: When it comes to this kind of pencil by L.A. Colors i have used one of these in the past before. It was a black and magenta duo pencil and i completely loved it. So when i seen that they had this one in more bold brighter colors i wanted to see if it was still as great s the one i tried before. Since this duo is more on the wild side. At first i didn't used it as an eyeshadow, i used it as a liner for my water line to add a pop of color there and i completely loved it. It went on smooth, pigmented and bright. Since i loved that i played around someone and using this duo pencil as a eyeshadow is everything. I would highly recommend it as a base or less vibrant shadow's because it would really make everything pop more.
Pros: Comes with a sharpener, pigmented, bold, long wearing
Cons: none
My Final Thoughts: I want to get more of these duo pencils and add them to my makeup collection. There is just so much different looks and ways you can go about using them and they are just worth it.
If you prefer buying it online, you can do so Here.

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