Garnier SkinActive Pore Purifying Clay Mask Review


A couple of months ago, i received this product for Free for testing and review purposes through That being said, that is exactly what i did and today i will share with you my thoughts and opinions in a review. 
But first a little back story...
I have been wanting to test out a charcoal face mask for so long. I have oily/combination skin with most days being just oily. I read before some of the great benefits of using a charcoal mask, especially for black heads and acne prone skin. I don't have acne but when it comes to big pores and black heads i do tend to get a lot on my nose and in that area. 
So lets just hope right into the review and see if its worth buying.
The Review:
This pore purifying mask is a two in one product. Meaning you can use it as a basic face wash or a relaxing face mask. If you use it as a daily face wash, its suppose to just remove surface impurities. But if you use it as a face mask, its suppose to draw out deep impurities. So, the way i use it is ONLY as a face mask.The reason for that is i only have to use it two time a week and that save product and money and the way that this mask washes off is basically cleaning too. I do this whole process at night, along with My Fall Night Skincare Routine With Nip + Fab. First thing is i will wet my face and then apply the mask with my fingers all over my face. The directions say to use a thin layer that will dry and be ready to take off in 5 min. But since i add more mask then normal, i wait and let it dry for 15 -20min approximately. I have notice and i don't know if my eyes are just sensitive or the smell triggers something to make my eyes kinda itch and water a little. But the product does have a menthol, tea tree oil or acne medication that triggers that relation to me. I have looked it up to see if anyone else was going through that when using the product but i didn't find anything or people just don't give honest reviews now a days i really don't know. But the reaction only happens when the product is still wet so when it starts to dry everything is okay. I do rinse this mask off with lukewarm water and i do have to give some props to this mask for being so easy to take off. Its like washing your face when you had a basic cleaner on it.
The Final Results:
When the mask is off my skin is bright and very fresh looking. I have notice that this product is also helping with oily production i have during the day and i have been less oily.I do love this product and using it two times a week is more than enough. Sometimes i will just use it once a week and be able to use the other mask i have. So if you do have oily skin or acne prone skin i would definitely give this Garnier SkinActive Pore Purifying Clay Mask a try and see how it works fore you.

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