NEW! COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir 757 | First Impression


Over the summer when I was going through my depression and feeling like I was failing at life. I did receive an Influenster box of goodies and of of those items was this NEW! COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir in 757. I wanted to film a first impression video for you all, but i just kept putting it back and back. Now that i am in a more happy place mentally. I did what i wanted to do and filmed that first impression video.
That being said, please take the time to watch it and at the end of the video i will tell you my final thoughts on the foundation because it wasn't really discussed in the video.

So, i hope that video helped you with my first impressions of the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation. But Since that was my first time testing it out and didn't get a chance to see how it worked all day, i can now share that part with you. 
I have Oily/Combination skin... more on the Oily side most of the time and with other foundations i have to set with a powder to get the most wear out of it before i become an oily face ball. This foundation on the other hand, DID NOT MAKE ME SWEAT AT ALL! I have been having a mate looking face all day. And that's without putting powder over the top. When i do set it with powder that make me just look even more flawless and makes it look better in video. The smell part is still there but it doesn't bug me. I would rather smell perfume serum all day then smelling a horrible plastic foundation. I still really love the lock feature the has and the pump. To be honest all in all, this is my new favorite foundation and i will be buying it again when i run out. To be a drugstore product Covergirl really did their thing.
PS: I have 757 Golden Tan, but looking at their shade chart i could also go up to 760 Classic Tan.

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