The Dark Side

As you all know, Halloween is my favorite Holiday! But unfortunately this year i will not be celebrating it like i usually do. I'm going to the dark side with the Debbie Downers that shade Halloween. Its not that i don't love it anymore, im just not feeling it this year. I have decorations still in the closet that never got put up at the end of September and it kinda makes me sad that im feeling this way but next year will be way better around this time of year.
I haven't gave up completely though! The nights leading up to Halloween, i will be binge watching scary festive movies and enjoying it that way. As you can see in these photos, my style is on point and still dark. I've been loving this lipstick its L.A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Raven. They also have a dark blue color that I'm really thinking about getting too. My outfit is all from Forever21 plus size line (old pieces) and of course you know i live in my Adidas Adilette Slides and just need to collect them all.

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