Afro To Sleek Hair Using Garnier Fructis Style

When it comes to hair products that I use, I’m very secretive about it. It’s not that I want to hide it from anyone, it’s just that everyone’s hair is very different and what might work great for me and my hair might not be just as good for you. But i can give my opinion and tell you what i think when it comes to how my hair is any just maybe it will help someone.

So I do have ethnic hair, Afro hair, Africa American hair... what every you wanna call it or do call it. Yes, that’s what kind of hair I have. I do consider myself a natural hair person, meaning I don’t use chemical relaxers. But I do use heat aka a hair straightener to get my hair looking the way you always see it. Because let’s face it, without a straighter I have an Afro thick mess. (Natural hair enthusiast don’t come for me, I know you all take hair very seriously. I’m just telling it from my point of view.)

But there is some negative effects I have with the way I treat my hair. I don’t take great care of it like I should. I try to dye it every 3 months (stopped that since being pregnant), I add heat to it every other day and I’m very lazy about trimming my ends. This causes great damage since my hair does suck up moisture like a dehydrated plant. And I’m trying my best to get better. Thanks, to I got the opportunity to qualify and get a Voxbox With Garnier Fructis Styling products. It was a Halloween theme box but these products do work for the everyday madness.

That being said, today I’m going to break down how I use these two fantastic styling products and then you can make a decision on if it’s something you need in your everyday styling routine. Let’s get started!

Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist-
I have been looking for a new heat protectant spray to use but for some reason know one anymore brings up the importance of using one. I remember back when I started watching YouTube videos... late 2008-2009 beauty gurus used to be all about heat protectors and I found one I still love and use today. But I think my hair has gotten so used to it. The best part about this one is, it can protect heat up to 450 degrees. And for a person like me that needs the most heat to get my thick hair straight, it’s perfect. It says to spray it on hair evenly and straighten immediately but I can’t go that fast. So I will spray it everywhere and then section it off, spray, straighten and repeat and this ways works great for me and I can take my time without rushing. If you experienced that make that comes from your straighter when you touch just sprayed hair, I didn’t notice that with this spray. Then again it doesn’t make the hair wet like most. If your wondering how long the straightness last after, I can get 2-3 days without having to re-straighten.

After straightening my hair, it will look dry. Doesn’t matter how much moisture was put in before. It just comes with all the heat that has been added to it. Usually I would add more oil or use a cheap shine spray and the just let it be. But I do deal with frizz, so spraying this shine spray I have noticed a huge difference in how my hair looks and feels. To me it looks like I just came from the shop and got my hair done. But nope only doing these steps make my hair look this good.
The next day I won’t straighten my hair, all I will do is spray some of this spray on it and use a comb brush and brush it out and go.

PS: Both of these products smell amazing but I never expect anything less from Garnier Fructis.


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