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Being casual and comfy has been key priority for me. But since the weather has finally changed and its feeling more like Fall and not Summer. I have been needing a sweater, hoodie or some type of coat like thing. My go to for years now has been this Hollister Co. hoodie (similar here) i bought back when i was in Collage. It still fits kind of the same since then (lets face it, i have gain weight since being in college) but being pregnant, the stomach area is way tighter than usual. I new right away when putting it on that i am defiantly going to have to look for a different one and kind... preferably one that zips to make it easy for myself. 
But one of the main questions i have for you is, "What do you think about brand statement clothing?" When i was younger i lived for wearing shirts and tops that's had the store logo or name on it. Even when it comes to my shoes. Speaking of shoes I'm wearing the Vans x Super Mario Bros. But now that I'm older, i don't really care for it and sometimes it can look kinda tacky, like a walking advertisement. But i still love my statement graphic teas with quotes or sayings.
PS: Lipstick is e.l.f. Voodoo & Phone case is Case-Mate Naked Touch Custom

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