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November 6, 2017

Casual Brand Statement

Being casual and comfy has been key priority for me. But since the weather has finally changed and its feeling more like Fall and not Summer. I have been needing a sweater, hoodie or some type of coat like thing. My go to for years now has been this Hollister Co. hoodie (similar here) i bought back when i was in Collage. It still fits kind of the same since then (lets face it, i have gain weight since being in college) but being pregnant, the stomach area is way tighter than usual. I new right away when putting it on that i am defiantly going to have to look for a different one and kind... preferably one that zips to make it easy for myself. 
But one of the main questions i have for you is, "What do you think about brand statement clothing?" When i was younger i lived for wearing shirts and tops that's had the store logo or name on it. Even when it comes to my shoes. Speaking of shoes I'm wearing the Vans x Super Mario Bros. But now that I'm older, i don't really care for it and sometimes it can look kinda tacky, like a walking advertisement. But i still love my statement graphic teas with quotes or sayings.
PS: Lipstick is e.l.f. Voodoo & Phone case is Case-Mate Naked Touch Custom

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