Dollar Tree Beauty Test: Daily Defense Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

This Dollar Tree Beauty Test is going to be a little different then the others since this is a hair product and not a makeup product. I decided to venture out into the beauty section and review some Shampoo and Conditioner this time around. Mainly because i test out a lot of different stuff from the Dollar Tree and when i look up the product online, there's no information on it. And if your a person like myself searching online for reviews before you buy is the absolute first thing you do. 
That being said if you like me switching it up let me know and i will make sure to review more items like this on here for you. But lets get into the review right now.

Daily Defense Macadamia Oil Shampoo-
The first thing that got my attention about this product is that the bottle said Moisturizing and Low Sulfate. Those are golden words to me when it comes to hair products. Then i saw that it had Macadamia Oil which is supposed to help with frizz and manageability. So at this point i thought i hit the jackpot and found my new favorite Shampoo for only a dollar and it smells good... boy i was wrong! I did not get the moisture or the less frizz that it was suppose to give me. It felt like i wasted my time washing my hair when i really needed it to be wash. Its like going into the shower with what you think is dirty unmanageable hair and coming out with something dryer and worst. I cant recommend this product and i suggest you don't waste your money or even trying it out.
Daily Defense Macadamia Oil Conditioner-
The conditioner is basically like the shampoo but a little bit better. It still states that its Moisturizing and Sulfate free and to be honest its  little bit moisturizing.But for a person like myself that washes there hair once a week, that moisture isn't going to last or help. Iv been having to use name brand treatment product to give me the desired wash i want after using these two products. Now i cant say i would recommend this one either. because if you was to ask, "would i buy these products again"? the answer would be NO!
I know this review was a bit of a let down since i cant recommend these products. But there is hope! OGX is a brand i can recommend and i absolutely love their products. They do make a Sulfate Free Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Conditioner that would be definitely worth buying if your looking for a product like that. I hope that helps!

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