Movember Awareness


It might come as a surprise to some of you but i do have a great amount of Men supporters. I know i don't dedicate a good amount of content for them but i will try my best to do better. Because we all have a little Shy Child in us all and i don't want to leave anyone out.
That being said i feel like this is a great month to make a change. If you didn't know, the month of November is "Men's Health Awareness" also known as Movember.
During this month men around the world grow out their moustache to raise awareness of Men Health Issues (that includes all the cancers and even suicide). I'm not a man so i cant grow out a moustache but there is always other ways you can get creative and bring awareness to an important cause. My way of doing this, is of course through fashion. I bought this very cool sequins sweater a couple of years back and every November its a must wear for me... and i tell ya, i wear it out too!
Anyways, most importantly check out Their website will fully help, educate and motivate you to make a change or finding the steps to getting help.

PS: If the men in your life are anything like the men in mine. Getting them to go to the Doctors is a whole other situation. But knowing and being aware before hand, is way less stressful than waiting tell the last minute when your basically made to go. Know your health stats friends 💋

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