Running Errands


My life has been so busy,hectic and just plain all over the place. I have so much to do and only a certain amount of time and remembering important dates, isn't helping. I have tried to get on top of everything by ordering a 2018 planner. Micheals Arts and Crafts online was having a huge Countdown To Black Friday sale (its still going on if your wondering) and on the 12th they had all of the Happy Planners and Recollection Planners for 60% off. You know i got one! So right now i am waiting for that to come in the mail, if they can ever ship it out.
But other than that, Thanksgiving is really tomorrow. Its one of those so called Holidays that i don't really look foreword to. I love to eat we all know that but the truth behind the whole day has never settled nice or even okay to me. Just think about all of the innocent Natives and what they had to go through... Its just all wrong!
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