The First Trimester, How Was It?


When it comes to the First Trimester of Pregnancy, we are scared and lead to believe all of the scary things that could happen or go wrong. This could be from family and friends telling you their experiences, what you read on pregnancy forms or even what we see on TV. But from my experience, it’s nothing like any of that!

Here is how my First Trimester of Pregnancy went...

Finding out
I didn’t find out I was pregnant until i was 7 weeks, through a Dollar Tree pregnancy test that we bought three of because I was in such of a denial. Before all of this I was on Birth Control (depo shot) and i was on it for 5 1/2 years or so. I was told by my doctor that it would be a good idea if I try another form or take a break off it, if I wanted to be pregnant in the future. So since doing so and being off of it tell I figure out what i wanted to do, my period came back 6 months later. It was very irregular and all over the place. By the time July came and past, I didn’t get any period that month and I thought it was just late so I waited.
The second week of August was starting, so Monday evening around 4 something I took one of the pregnancy test and to my surprise it came up super positive right away. I still didn’t believe I was pregnant even though my boyfriend was super positive from wayyy before that I was. I decided to wait tell Wednesday morning and test again because I was still feeling like my period was coming. Wednesday morning comes, I wake up and with my first pee I test again... STILL POSITIVE! That is when I new I had to make an appointment.

Ultrasounds, Blood Work and Glucose Test 
When I made my first appointment,I had an ultrasound With my main OBGYN to confirm, measure and check how things are going. She also made sure to really check and see how many babies are in there because twins run really high in my family. There is only one in there and this is the time I was measuring 7 and a half weeks. The other ultrasound I had was with my midwife, after she got the results back from my blood, glucose and pee test. 
Being plus size and pregnant comes with its own worries and risk, I fully understand. So I wasn’t really shocked when they wanted to test my blood for everything and my pee and also give me a one hour glucose test. But I was very scared for that sugar test though! People always talk about how the drink taste so sweet and super nasty and if you fail they will schedule you for a three hour test and I new i wasn’t going to do that. But all in all everything came back perfect! I’m healthy and baby is doing great too.

Morning Sickness
Everyone kept asking me if I feel sick and if I feel like I have to vomit. Like it was just the normal thing to do. To be honest, I’m still waiting for that damn morning sickness because it never came. If it would have came when everyone wanted it to come, I would have known I was pregnant to begin with but no, I have been feel just like my normal self. Just more tired, more lazy, acid reflex, back pain, Constipation... yep sounds right!

Food Aversions
The only food aversions i have experienced is Chinese Food, chicken nuggets, red meats and bread and sometimes eggs. But if I would have stayed eating a plant based diet bread would be the only food I would have noticed I didn’t agree with. But the food I have been loving and obsessed with has been anything in the Mexican Food category including Taco Bell. I have always loved Mexican food and I’m happy my love enhanced because I don’t know if I would be able to live with out it. Also on that list is chips and guacamole, cheez-its, ice cream and potatoes. 
When it comes to drinks, water was the devil! I couldn’t drink water or keep big amounts down. If i did drink some of a bottled water and then ate all of the water and food would come up. So blue Powerade/Gatorade and caffeine-free sodas was my best friend. 

All in all, my First Trimester was a walk in the park and went by very fast; I feel very blessed for that. I know a lot of pregnant women and expecting mothers don’t have it as easy and simple like I have been experiencing thus far. And I give major props to the women who had a hard First Trimester because it really is the scariest. 

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