What To Wear: Running Late


There has been so may times where i am running late or just plain lazy and i don't have a clue what to wear. I know you can relate especially those of you who are in school and want to just throw on some baggy sweat pants and a hoodie. Yes, that might be okay for your morning classes but once lunch starts to come around, you really just look a hot mess. So my key to you is, always look put together even if you didn't try,  
I know this sounds very difficult and its just way to much brain power to use use and figure out in the morning but its really easy and i have been doing it all my life. So the main key is having Simple/Basic but nice pieces. For instants, this stylish top and leggings are simple (and a tad bit basic but can get more basic than this) meaning they are just a plain color, no writing... nothing. But you already upgraded and look better than your baggy clothes that you look like you went to sleep in and just woke up and left. But i don't want to take you fully out of your comfort zone. So slip on shoes are always a go to, even for myself and a cap for those unwashed and messy hair days, really help too. Last but not least throw on bangle and grab your phone and purse/book bag and your ready to be out the door.
I hope you have a great day and now you can make plans after and don't have to worry about how you look.

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