FashionShyChild : December 2017

December 14, 2017

Winter Floral and Bearpaws

Bow Turban & Mini Backpack: c/o | Bearpaw Boots |

I know your shook right now that im wearing boots and not my Adidas Adilette Slides. I had to change it up and wear something different... its cold outside! But i will go back to wearing the slides to do simple things or when my feet swell up. But in the time being i haven't had feet swelling at all and im going to enjoy it before it even happens.

December 7, 2017

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone 2017

(photo from The December Tag)

Happy Holidays!
This time of year is very special and dear to a lot of peoples hearts. The only thing is getting everyone something on your list can be difficult, when it comes down to picking items. Today i am sharing with you things i love, wont or just seen around online a lot. This way you can get a great idea of the perfect gift for those special people.

December 6, 2017

Do Old Wives Tales Work or Not!?


Do Old Wives Tales Work or Not!?... This has been the question i have been asking and stressing myself out over for so many months now. I have been on forms, YouTube and even googled some questions, so many times. I know some of you are thinking, "Why don't you know the gender by now?" And the answer to that is, i kind of do and i kind of don't. So at 23 weeks (last week because I'm 24 weeks now) i went for my Anatomy Scan and when it was time for her to show and tell me the gender, her guess wasn't for sure and i need to get a second guess to make it as accurate as possible.
Anyways lets go through some Old Wives Tales and see what they say...

December 4, 2017

Holiday Comfy


My weekend was really chill! On Friday night i went to bed early from being in some pain and tiredness. On Saturday was a day of just laying in Holiday Comfy clothes and watching Holiday Festive Movies back to back. If i do say so myself, i was living the life! Tell i realized it was almost 6 pm and i didn't get any of the work done that i wanted too.