Winter Floral and Bearpaws

Bow Turban & Mini Backpack: c/o | Bearpaw Boots |

I know your shook right now that im wearing boots and not my Adidas Adilette Slides. I had to change it up and wear something different... its cold outside! But i will go back to wearing the slides to do simple things or when my feet swell up. But in the time being i haven't had feet swelling at all and im going to enjoy it before it even happens.When it comes to the Bearpaw boots, i never thought i would be that person to even own a pair. Like i don't want to sound gotti but im a Ugg person and never felt bad spending the extra money on a pair. But i do have to say, i have been enjoying these Bearpaw boots and they look great on me. 
When it comes to the Mini Backpack and Bow Turban (c/o Tosavecom), I will be doing a whole review blog post on them and some other stuff, so stay tune for that. But since it did make it into an Outfit post, you know i only have good things to say about them.

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