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I new i wanted a nursing cover because i do plan on breast feeding my baby. But it is one of those items that isnt a necessity and more of something thats just nice to have. But what really sold me in having to have one is everything that it can do. With this specific nursing cover you can use it for multiple thing and in multiple ways. For example it can be a car seat canopy, breast feeding cover, and high chair, stroller and shopping cart cover. The way i have been testing it out for the time being is an a scarf because im really trying to get my use out of it and also it has been cold and this is perfect. If your wondering about the fit and feel. The fabric is very breathable and soft. If feels like a maxi dress you would wear in the summer. I personal appreciate how it fits my plus size body because that was one of my main concerns if it would work for someone like me. I haven't had a chance to test it out on a car seat because i haven't picked a car seat out yet (thats on my list). But the nursing cover does come with a pouch you can store the cover in and two bonus bibs. 
When it comes to the bibs they are actually really nice quality. I did do a water test to see how they soak up liquid and to be honest i think the bibs are a little water resistant because the water just flew off the bib. The amount that did stay did soak in but it dried really fast. So being able to really test this item out on a baby is going to be interesting. But i still think the deal you are getting with this is amazing.

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I have been looking for the perfect night light for my bedroom, since that is the place that my baby will be staying in for a while. I wanted something that had a dimmer that wouldn't disturber anyone who is sleeping or annoy myself when having to get up in the middle of the night. When i came across this light i new it was going to be perfect and just the right thing i was looking for. This whale/dolphin child night light is the perfect night light for any kid this is scared of the dark or just needs a little bit of light to get around through the middle of the night. When you received the box you will get the night light itself, instructions and a USB charging cable. The night light does come half way charged, which makes it nice to get a feel for it and test it out. When you turn on the night light you will have a variety of brightness and color settings. If your going for just a normal night light, it does give you the option to have it really dim or a little higher. I personalty like the higher light because it lights up my room with the perfect amount of light and even gives me the light i need to see and get if i need to change a diaper. If you would like something more fun there is different colors that you can tap the whale and change it took. This way its kind of like a toy and a great help at the same time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for any type of night light.

Like i stated in the video i haven't took this hooded towel apart because i wanted you to be able to see how pretty it is when you receive it. This wood make a perfect gift for someone or even a great add on to a baby shower bath set gift set. To me it has amazing humor and is just super adorable.

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The first time i seen this product was like in every moms to be must have video. Everyone would talk about the cuteness and softness and i just new i had to have it. This item was the main reason i waned an Amazon baby registry gift box and i was determined to get one just for this swaddle blanket. And let me tell you, i am very happy i did. This has to be the cutest and softest swaddle blanket out there and if i do say so myself, its really easy to wash and get clean if any thing is to get on it. I cant wait to use this swaddle blanket for my little one.

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Great baby gift!
This hooded cute baby towel is an amazing gift to give to a Mom to be or someone who already has a baby. It’s even a great gift to give at a baby shower. The towels are packaged and displayed nicely... and yes I said towels because you do get three in the box. One is the cute hooded one with the little ears and the other two are wash clothes. All three are very soft and feel luxurious. Even after a wash load they keep there same soft feel and look. ( do make sure to read the washing instructions before hand) When it comes to the big towel with the little ears it’s longer then what I had in mind and I like that about the towel. This way your kid will be able to use it way longer than normal hooded towels before growing out of them or your toddler could use it too. When it comes to the two wash clothes, I thought they where going to be the standard baby size wash clothes and I was completely shocked and happy when I seen that they are a little bigger and thicker then those other ones that I know we all have so many of. I personally think these ones would be great to use on a newborn or baby when they are in there bathtub and you want to put a warm towel over them to keep them warm during bath time. They are thick enough and Big enough to be perfect for the job. All in all this is a great product and you definitely can’t go wrong when purchasing it

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Becoming a first time mom with limited space and a realistic outlook on what I need and could just pass on, these changing pads are absolutely perfect! You get three changing pads in a pack that you could put on in your diaper bag for on the go and keep the other two at home for diaper changes. These pads are really thick and soft that having an expensive changing table and top pad is just not worth the money. I can just throw this changing pad down anywhere needed and changee my baby with no problem and to be realistic, that’s what we all do anyways. You also don’t have to worry about leakage through the changing pad since there is a wipe down side on the bottom, that is really great for keeping the pad in place. And if any accidents does happen, all you have to do is put it in the wash and your able to reuse. I would recommend this product to any parents or parents to be. Will also be a great baby shower gift too.

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