Lazy Monday Morning


This weekend was spent laying in bed watching Amazon Prime Movies (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) and thinking about how I want to better my blog and its content. My thoughts and feeling at the time where very inspiring and motivating to me. But then Monday Morning hits and I'm so tired and don't want to get out of bed or even wake up. Mornings have been very hard for me all of a sudden again and Monday Mornings seem to really hit me the most. Before i became pregnant, i used to have the same issue on Mondays or certain days at that but iced coffee use to be my saving grace to get things going in the right direction without wasting time or the day. But i have cut out coffee and big forms of caffeine for now. So that secret aid isn't there for me anymore and i sometime i feel like I'm going to go crazy without my morning coffee. This must be the feeling that drug addicts go though at a less extent but either way its hard and its emotionally tough. 
Just 8 more weeks to go... I can make it!

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