Never Alone

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When 2017 was coming to an end, all i could think about was 2018 and how i could have a fresh start with everything and get my thoughts under control and focused. But that only happen a tad bit! 
I have been going though the Nesting Phase of Pregnancy. Wanting to clean, clean and clean to make sure everything is organized and ready to go. But it just never feels clean enough and every little bit of something gets on my last nerve.
I Just Want To Be Left Alone... but Your Never Alone!
I know people mean well but my emotions are at an all time HIGH right now. I feel like i have everything on my plate, when its really not like that. I have learned to just calm down some and know that i cant be a super hero and do everything by myself. I have even went on bed rest! I put myself on it, i must add and its amazing. My phone is on silent, i dont use social media and i just focus on the present, sleep and chill.
There isnt much longer to go now and i am very grateful for having a smooth and easy pregnancy thus far. So im going to finish it up just as strong.

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