#ReadingWithCort: Will Continue...

#ReadingWithCort will continue! Last year when i started #ReadingWithCort it meant a lot to me (it still does) and was one of my New Year Goals to read more books. At some point at the end of the year, i fell off a bit and just couldn't come up with the time to get the books read. But this year i am hopping back on the wagon and trying again.

I do know the last book i was supposed to read and then review was "The Whispering Muse" by Sjon and sense i still haven't started that book, that's the book we are going to start this year off with. 
later on in the month i will announce on Social Media (Twitter & Snapchat) what book i want to read next. That way if your interested in reading with me you can have time to purchase the book before hand.
That being said, lets make this year a great #ReadingWithCort book year.

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