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I am so happy to finally get this post up for you today! I have been getting so many questions on the Mini Backpack since featuring in an Outfit Post, its crazy. In that post i did state where i received the bag from but i know a lot of you rely on my reviews and that's what we are going to do today.

So a few months ago, i received an email from basically asking if i wanted to work with them by reviewing some of their products. I said yes because i have worked with them one time in past and it was a great experiences. last time i picked out more beauty related stuff and this time i wanted to test out different items from different sections to get a clear view on their product quality and i think i did pretty good.

Last but not least before we get into the product reviews, if you have never heard of its basically what the name says. Its a website that has so many different products and and categories (Fashion, Beauty, Home, Electronics, Toys ect.) to pick from and everything is at an unbeatable price compared to other websites like it. I suggest you really check it out and see what you can find. They also have a sister site that might be of some interest to some of you, i know it is to me .

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These three items was featured in Wnter Florals and Bearpaws my last outfit post and i absolutely love the combination and how the items all looked together.
Floral Mini Backpack : When i revived this mini backpack i thought it was going to be a little bigger than what it looks like and at first i was kind of disappointed. This is why you shouldn't judge something before really testing it because the look of the bag can be really deceiving... in a good way! I can fit everything in my purse into this backpack and still have some wiggle room. So basically that is what i do, it has become my new purse and i absolutely love it. It is fake leather and it can come of kind of plastic looking up close but i haven't had any problems with it at all. It also comes in a white color and a pink color, if your interested in those.

Bowknot Turban Beanie This has to be the coolest beanie i have ever owned... and i have owned a lot! First of all it fits the big head nice and comfortable and it looks super cute with different outfits and hair styles. But the best part is, the bow is not fully attached and if one day you don't want to have a bow you can take it out. To be honest, i really want to get more colors and switch the bows out. That way i can have a hat color with a different bow color... that would be cool.

Tortoise Key Chain  When it comes to key chains with gems and in a color color it can be a hit or miss for the long run. But having it hang from the mini backpack for a month i haven't had any problems with gems falling out or tarnishing. So that's a good sign! The head and the legs do move and that makes the key chain even more cooler. If your not really into the purple color i picked they also have other colors and if your not into the whole thing, there is way more other key chains to pick from.

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Infant Washcloths I had to see what these where about because the post interested me. It said that you would get 8 wash clothes but the colors will be random.So i was interested in what the colors would be and the quality of the wash clothes because we all know i will be having a baby. To my surprise the wash clothes where named brand and a great variety. Very different than what the picture looked like because i was expecting 8 wash clothes to come in a random bag. I do have to say i haven't washed them yet but they are really soft and i cant wait to use them on my baby.


Fashion Slim Hard Back Case This case had a bit of a  communication contusion problem. I needed a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case and received a J7 Pro case. So i didn't get to test out the case like i wanted too. But from the feel of the case, its very cheap feeling even though it looks gorgeous. Not a case i would recommend for someone who drops their phone. but if your just getting it for style its cute.

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