L'oreal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub Review

I received this product complimentary from L’OrĂ©al Paris and Influenster for testing purposes. 
Skin Care is something that im truly passionate about and a topic that comes up a lot on Fashion Shy Child. I truly believe in prevention of skin aging before the aging begins. One of the things i tell my friends when they ask  about my skin care or the number of products i use is, "my goal is to look like a fetus forever". Some people will be like WTF but it just means i want to look young forever.
One of my favorite things about skin care if i had to choose would be face mask. Any type of mask, pill or scrub is my favorite part of taking care of my skin. So when i was selected to test out L'oreal Paris New pure Sugar Scrub, it was right up my alley.
At first i didn't have a clue L'oreal came out with a new scrub... just keeping it real! Ive been so focus and into looking at baby things that I'm kinda lost in whats new in the beauty world. But just reading out the product sound really interesting and exciting. 
That being said lets just hope right into the review...
Packaging: I really like the packaging. Its a product i would definitely see in stores and would want to try it out. The writing on the box gets right to the point in what the product does without any confusion. Now when it comes to the actual product and what its held in, the container is actually glass. This can be a hit or miss for some people because if you drop it, it does have a potential to break. So be careful!

Product Review:To start off i have the nourish and soften Sugar scrub. This exfoliation scrub can be used up to 3x a week. I personally love Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to use it but you can pick whatever works for you. When it comes to applying the product, your face has to be already cleaned and dried. Then a little product goes a long way when applying it to your face. Mainly because then your going to wet your finger tips and work the product in aka using it as a scrub to exfoliate the skin. I noticed right away how much moisture my skin was getting and how soft the product was making my skin feel. Washing the product off is also really easy, just remember to pat dry when your finished. The bonus part i love about this product, is that you can use it as a lip scrub too. For me that's a huge plus because my lips have been super dry. To apply it as a lip scrub is the same way you did for your face. So basically you can do it all at once if you want too. This product is going to be really perfect during spring and summer when makeup is kind of a no go and fresh face is where its at. After using i don't apply any makeup myself because i like the fresh hydrated look.

Pros- Easy to us, hydrating, gentle, can be used as a lip scrub, doesn't take a lot of product, smells like cocoa butter

Cons- Glass jar (not a problem for me but can be for some)

My Final Thoughts: I recommend this scrub! Like i said before, i have the nourish and soften one but there is two others that i personally really want to try and have. But everyone wants soft smooth skin, so this product is absolutely perfect. I haven't had any weird breakouts or irritation, so if you have sensitive skin that's a plus.

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