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If you follow me on Twitter (@HelloCortney) I talk about Babylist All The Time! I discovered the website through Pinterest back in late September 2017, when I found myself becoming overwhelmed with different baby registry’s. It’s absolutely crazy how many stores have a baby registry you can sign up with and a lot of the time these stores sell the same items. But finding this website didn’t stop me from signing up to other stores registry’s, it was just another alternative and here is why.

When I first found Babylist and took a little time signing up and getting to know the website and how to use it. I then discovered that they didn’t have a free registry gift like some of the other stores have. (That has changed now but we will get back to that later) For some that might not be a big deal, mainly because I have noticed that a lot of expecting mothers don’t know about these free baby gifts you can get when making Registry’s at different stores. I personally love Targets and Amazons baby gift bag/box because you get more samples and items to test out.  But Bye Bye Baby, Babies R Us and Walmart also do these too, so make sure to look into that if your interested. Another thing to note is Close  to Due Date percentage off. So if there is a store you love or regularly shop at make your list there, then that way when you get close to your due date or after you can get that percentage off items that are still on your babies registry. Like I said before, I like Target! You get a free registry bag for making one (that you have to pick up in store) and they will give you 15% off anything still left on your registry after the due date.

But let’s get into Babylist and how it has become my favorite and most used baby registry place.
Babylist lets you make a registry and add any item from any store or website you want. So if you have an item from Target you want… add it! Also love something from Amazon… add that too! You can add and item from any store to one registry. This also makes it super easy to share with Family and Friends because your not giving them 10 difficult stores websites. This also makes it more likely that you will get everything you really need/want because it’s easy for the person to navigate and see what to get you.
Also from a personal aspect, you get to see everything really easy and know what you need to add or take off without doing a lot of work. This way has really came in handy for me because I am a list maker and need to see everything that I still need and using this website/app has made it really easy for me. I have said in a past post that I have been doing a lot of things from my bed because I put myself on bed rest to help me relax and to help with some of the pain I have been experiencing. So the baby list App has become by best friend. And yes, we all know I have an IPhone but Babylist is also available in the Google Play store, so there is really no excuse to not use this website or there app.
Oh and some last things I forgot to mention. They do price check for you and share the other stores that sell the same item and what it cost there, they also have helpful pregnancy information from how you are feeling, things you should start doing to prepare for your little one and product suggestions and reviews.

Okay! I didn’t forget after all of the rambling. But starting this year 2018 if you Create and Complete a baby registry with them you will be eligible to get a Free Hello Baby Box while supplies last. It did say that contents in The Hello Baby Box will very but I just got informed that I will be getting one and when it comes in,  I will be more than happy to do an unboxing.

PS: This post is not affiliated with Babylist in any way (they have no clue who I am). I’m just sharing information with you about a website/app I love. 

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