FashionShyChild : March 2018

March 26, 2018

InstaNatural Eczema Cream Review and Video


When it comes to Eczema, its a skin condition that i do have and dont really talk about or bring awareness too. I know on Fashion Shy Child it has come up a few times and you may have even seen or notice one of my break outs. 
Well today is that day that i tell you, I have Eczema! I have been suffering from Eczema my whole life and it has become just something that i deal with, when it happens. If you have know clue what Eczema is, well its a skin condition that comes in the form of a rash. Its not contagious, so if you don't have it, dont worry yourself. The negative side to it is, it cant be treated... It can just be calmed. Different seasons, weather, detergents, fabrics and even grass can irritate the skin causing your Eczema to rise.

March 19, 2018

Daily Goodie Box: March 2018 Products and Review


Hey, fellow Shy Children!
This is a review for everything i received in the March 2018 Daily Goodie Box. Like always, things in the box and be a hit or miss but i enjoy testing an reviewing different types of products and having an open mind when it comes to some. This box was very energy focus and had a lot of products to help you out in that department. So if thats something your interested in check out whats inside this months Daily Goodie Box.