InstaNatural Eczema Cream Review and Video


When it comes to Eczema, its a skin condition that i do have and dont really talk about or bring awareness too. I know on Fashion Shy Child it has come up a few times and you may have even seen or notice one of my break outs. 
Well today is that day that i tell you, I have Eczema! I have been suffering from Eczema my whole life and it has become just something that i deal with, when it happens. If you have know clue what Eczema is, well its a skin condition that comes in the form of a rash. Its not contagious, so if you don't have it, dont worry yourself. The negative side to it is, it cant be treated... It can just be calmed. Different seasons, weather, detergents, fabrics and even grass can irritate the skin causing your Eczema to rise.
Since i have been dealing with this for so long, i have had the time to test out many creams and ointments. Some i like and some i just used because it helped for the time being. This time around, i was given the opportunity from InstaNatural, to test out their Fragrance and Steroid Free Eczema Cream. For me this is the perfect time to test this product out, since my flair ups usually happen when its hot outside.

So lets go over what this review is going to cover.
In this review i will be covering these aspects: Product Review with Pros & Cons & My Final Thoughts...Lets get started!

PS: This blog post and video is from my experiences and opinions from using the InstaNatural Eczema Cream. This blog post and video is not intended for you to stop using your cream prescription or avoiding going to the doctors to get checked out. FTC: This product was sent to me for FREE for Testing and Review Purposes only! All opinions and stories are 100% my own.

Product Review: Right of the bat, i love the bottle this cream comes in and how everything on the bottle is easy to see and read. A lot of creams don't come in bottles like this, you usually will get tubs that can be really messy and hard to get product out. They also give you 4 fl oz (that's a lot of product). Usually companies would just give you 1 or 2 fl oz and we all know how fast that can run out.
When it comes to the actual cream itself, its very thick. So a little goes a long ways but realistically you only need a thin layer to cover the area that needs treatment. It does dry fast and doesn't leave a sticky or oily residue. It makes the skin feel hydrated, moisturized and soft.
If your one that gets irritated by smells, this product is fragrance free and they really do mean that. In the past i have had creams that have a mint or vapor smell, that would just drive me crazy and the worst part was others can smell it.

The only tiny negative part to this product is, you can only purchase it online through the InstaNatural website or on Amazon. So its not something that you can just go to your local store to get. The other bit is price. This product is a tad bit high for most but considering you get 4 fl oz and not 1 or 2, it works out to be a deal and worth the price.

Pros- Fragrance & Steroid Free, Hydrating, Not tested on animals, Made in the USA, 4 fl oz

Cons- Can only be purchased online, Price

My Final Thoughts: This is a great product and i haven't tried anything like it, that i could say i love everything about it. Price, was kind of on my mind looking at it first hand but if you look up Eczema cream around $10 is what your going to be paying for just 2 fl oz. So it differently worth getting this one in the long run.


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