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Hey, fellow Shy Children!
So i am back with it again... another Daily Goodie Box. But this one is for the month of April. April has been super busy for me, but i am so happy to have received this months Daily Goodie box. This months box, had a variety of different items to test out and i have found some items that i really need to purchase and have more of. If your interested in knowing what i loved or really didn't care for keep reading.
PS: If your new and still don't know, Daily Goodie Box is a "FREE" sampling service that ships out more than just free samples because you can actually receive full sized products. All they ask in return is that you sample the products and then go online to their site and leave an honest review of what you think... that's it, it's that simple!
To sign up, just head over to their site dailygoodiebox.com hit the sign up button, fill out your profile and about you page and wait to qualify. Remember everything is FREE!

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These fruit snacks are super cute and they taste like real fruit juice. Its an item i can see myself buying because i love fruit snacks and to get some that taste real and are cute is everything.
No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Flavors, No Synthetic Colors

When they said raw they really did meal raw. This bar looked like everything was just squished together but it was really good. I would have called it Peanut butter and jelly chocolate to be honest. because it did have a bit of a jelly flavor.
Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO, Kosher

Its a nice wipe and i love how they are individually packaged. I personally love bathroom wipes so this is differently something i will be looking out for. I see that it is sold at Walmart, so the next time i go i will pick up a pack and put them in my diaper bag for myself.

I don't see my self buying this or using it. It has an interesting taste that's not good or bad... just weird. Its also intestung that someone would need butter on the go. but that vanilla bean taste would get some getting used too. I think this product would be perfect for baking or cooking. That way the flavor is in the finished product.

I never had pink salt before but its one of those foods everyone and there mom is talking about and stating how its way more healthy for you. To me it taste like some really good sea salt. I'm not quite sure on what i want to use it on but i will see.
Non GMO, Raw, Gluten Free, Kosher

This milk was really good and tasted even better cold as a breakfast drink. I already don't drink cows milk and im more of an almond milk person but after trying this, im really thinking abut switching.
Vegan, Non GMO, Free of Dairy, Nuts and Soy

Cleanser had my face feeling really fresh and i enjoyed it. I did look up the product to see how much it would cost if i did want to purchase it and for the price of 24$... that's really high!
20% off use code: ohGoodie expires June 30,2018

DayClear - Allergy Relief
This really came in handy since my boyfriend had been suffering from allergies out of no where. He took this product and it helped relive the sneezing and itchy eyes. I still haven't tried it but if it worked for him it should work for me.
Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dye Free, Alcohol Free

That's really all i have to say and i need to by more because we are obsessed over here and i was so sad when they were all gone. I also really like how this treat is reasonably priced because from testing it out i though it was going to be on the expensive side.

This slime smells really good and is a relaxing smell. But the slime it self isn't really relaxing at all. From testing this product i have discovered that i don't like slime at all and its not therapeutic to me...its just sticky and messy. For the packaging... the sticker on top of the lid is cute but i think that same sticker or background of the sticker should be on the bottle too.

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