My New Norm

the new norm

Maternity Nursing Bra: Walmart |  Car Seat: Urbini

I know a lot of you have been wondering where i have been or whats taking me so long to get into the grove of things, when it comes to posting like i used too. Well first thing is, i have a newborn baby and she now comes first in my life. Her scheduled of being up and a sleep have been a changing thing from day to day or even week to week.  So, that leaves me with limited time but its getting better. I guess the main thing i am trying to say is that, THIS IS NOW MY NEW NORMAL! 
Also, when it comes to outfit post I'm not going to fake an outfit like that's what I'm wearing. Because to be honest this is what i look like and what i have been looking like since giving birth back in April... And none of my usual clothes fit me anymore, there too big.
Last thing... don't let this post get you down. I'm not going anywhere and i am working on a schedule to get everything somewhat back to whats normal for you.  So if you have any suggestions on post you would like to see, let me know.
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