My Very First Mothers Day

(photo from my Snapchat: FashionShyChild)

Yesterday, was Mother’s Day! A day where we wish and show all the Mother’s how much we appreciate them and the things they do. Well, this year was different and I couldn’t be more happy. I got to join the Mother’s club as you all know and this years Mother’s Day was my very first celebration. It was also very special because May 13th, is also the day that we celebrate our Anniversary and this year
makes year 7… It’s crazy that it has been that long.

Well if your wondering how I spent my day, it was actually very chill. I spent all of it with my little baby (who, I will introduce in another post) as the men barbecued. It was spent the way I wonted it to be, nice, chill and relaxing. Something you don’t get much of when you have a newborn but it’s all worth it at the end.

So , how did you spend Mother’s Day? Are you a mom?

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