SCENTBIRD: First Impression & Review


When it comes to fragrances and scents in general, im a really picky person. I like one thing and not the other. For example: I cant stand floral scents, im drown to more sweets but if the floral scent had another scent i liked in it, then i could make an exception. I'm very indecisive and annoying when it comes to picking a fragrance i like. So, when it comes down to buying one i wont due it unless i had already tested out the fragrance in some way... like having a sample of it or using it in a store multiple times.
This all being said, i was contacted my ScentBird and asked if i wanted to test out there service and i agreed mainly due to curiosity. I already new a little bit about the fragrance subscription service because i do watch a lot of YouTube videos and those Beauty Gurus talk a lot about any and everything. But if you have never heard of  ScentBird and your curious to know what it is, Its a fragrance subscription service that you pay monthly for ($14.95USD to be exact). That includes free shipping and your aloud to cancel any time. You get to pick what scent you want each month and these are designer scents that they have over 500 plus for you to choose from. So you will definitely find the one you have been dying to test out and try to see if you truly love it. The scent you pick will come in spray form with 8ml for fragrance and scents this would be your first time Subscribing you will receive a refillable case that you can use for future fragrances too. That being said if your interested in subscribing to this subscription service you can due so HERE.
Lets get into the fragrance i received and my thoughts.
The fragrance i was given (i didn't get to pick it out myself) is Tocca "Maya". Right off the bat, i had no clue what this brand was and never heard of it before. I had to look it up and see what the bottle and packaging looked like because packaging also affects if i want a fragrance or not. So when i looked it up, i notice that i have seen the fragrance before an when i tried it out i notice that its a floral scent. I stated this in the beginning that im not a floral fragrance person. Its not a scent that i go for but there is some exceptions and this fragrance gives those exceptions. Even though it would be considered a floral fragrance i still smell black current, jasmine and sandalwood. Those scents i really appreciate in a fragrance and if i didn't get to test out this fragrance from ScentBird i would have never tried it or gravitated to it. 
Now that we know that i like the scent that i received, lets not talk about the amount of product and the packaging.
The amount of product that is given is a lot for only $14.95 a month. Scentbird is really giving you a travel size perfume for a huge discount. Because we all know why you go to the stores like Sephora and Ulta your going to be paying $25 plus for a travel size. That's a great deal for fragrance lovers and really anything bets paying for a full size product.
Now for the packaging.
I love the fancy velvety bag that the refillable case and fragrance comes in. Its really good quality... everything is actually and i wasn't expecting that, Especially for a service that's under $20.
So my final thoughts on Scentbird is, its a great service. Its totally worth every penny and Men can also join too. That makes it also an easy great gift and im happy to be sharing this experiences i had with you.

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