The Second and Third Trimester, How was it?


As im writing this, i cant believe im reflecting back to my Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy. I don't want to come off like its a bad thing because its not. (i had a great pregnancy) I just cant believe that its over and i can share my experiences with you. 
Back in November i shared My First Trimester and the story to how i found out i was pregnant. If your haven't read that, i suggest you do because that's the base of the story/experience and it would only really make sense if you know that part of it.

But anyways lets move on...

Second Trimester:
My second trimester is a complete blur, due to the fact that it went by so fast and i still don't get how it was counted as a trimester. There is a couple of things that stood out and happened. First, during this trimester we all know that this is the trimester where the big ultrasound happens. The one where they check and see if everything is really okay and you also get it find out the gender of your baby, if you haven't done so another way already. I was so excited to have this appointment and to be honest the doctor (who wasn't my doctor! My OB was out this day and i just went with whoever because it was just a small check up) ANYWAYS... she was suppose to book my big appointment and latter to come find out she didn't (or like they like to say... maybe it was a mess up). basically i had to wait longer to have this appointment tell i was 23 weeks. Oh, and it doesn't end there! This trimester my acid reflex got bad and i found myself throwing up more. Mostly in the morning when i wake up and it felt like i just needed to get the mucus out. Well for this appointment you have to drink a lot of water and come to it with a full bladder. Mine wasn't really full so i was made to come back anyways to finish some checks she count do. But the part that made me feel unsure and lost was when i asked about the gender of my baby. I expected them to be sure, like lets face it I'm 23 weeks almost 24 and everything should be clear to see. I was happy to have had the chance to come back since that way i can get another opinion. So at 25 weeks we came back and it was confirmed that i was having a Girl.

Another huge highlight that happen this trimester was a Glucose Test. For the average person, this is the normal time to be having this test. For me and being plus size and pregnant, this was my second time having this test done. I talked about it in the First Trimester post and like i said there, i passed but me passing that time wasn't going to get me out of it this time. (i should do a whole post on being Plus Size and Pregnant) That hour wait of just setting there and not being able to eat, drink or fall asleep is straight torture. If i recommend anything to you, is to go in the morning. That way you can get it done and then go and get breakfast and be happy. But anyways i passed this time around too and this leads me into my Third Trimester.

Third Trimester:
My third trimester was the longest amount of weeks ever! And like i stated before, my pregnancy went by fast but this trimester was really testing me. So my original due date was March 27th, 2018. I really thought i was going to go into labor by March 14th. The only reason i thought this or had any thought of it in my mine was because of an appointment i had the last day of February when i was told that i was 2 centimeter dilated. I had no clue i was dilating because i wasn't getting any contractions (or so that i could feel). I new from the beginning that i have a high pain tolerance. I'm not just saying that to be saying it, from the beginning of getting my period the pain would be so bad and unbearable i would just have to suffer through them (and pop ibuprofen). It got to the point that i just got used to the pain and from dealing with that i feel made me stronger but also hurt me in a way when it came to knowing the real labor pains. I did after the appointment and half of the month go through feeling contractions but they where never consistent and my water never broke, so i was just going day by day waiting and driving myself crazy. It got to the point that i was 4 1/2 centimeters dilated, lost a total of 35lbs and my OB for sure thought i was going to go into labor any day. But to make a long story short, i never went into labor by myself and it got to the point that i new my water wasn't going to break and i just needed to be induced.... And that's what happened! I was a week over due and got induced.

If your interested in reading about My Labor and Delivery Story, i will be more than happy to share that with you. I hope my pregnancy, trimester by trimester, brings some kind of awareness that every pregnancy isn't going to go by the books or whats the norm. I could have read all of the pregnancy books and my situation wouldn't have been in any of them. And for some of the situations i practically drove myself crazy aka the weight loss and not going into labor. So i hope this helped someone out.

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