#ReadingWithCort: Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson (book of the month)


Back in the beginning of January (this year) I stated that #ReadingWithCort would continue. So much was going on at the time that it never happen and reading was basically put on the back burner. Since i have got in the swing of things, of being a new mother reading can now be back added to something i like to do.
That being said, for this month the month of June 2018 i will be reading, "Happy,Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander" by Phil Robertson. This is one of those book that i really wanted to read, bought it and never did. I was a big fan of Duck Dynasty on A&E. I thought they were hilarious and i loved there all around family love and values. It something that i still look up and watch now. So, it will be interesting to get a more inside look from the Duck Commander himself. 
If your interested in reading this book this month, please do so. I will come back at the beginning of July and tell you my thoughts and opinions then.
Happy Reading!

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