What's Inside My Diaper Purse


One of the questions i get is, "Whats in your diaper bag?" For new moms like myself, you might think you need a big bag with everything thinkable in it just in case something happens or goes wrong. And let me tell you, that's so not true! You will be amazing how little your newborn actually needs. As long as you have diapers, wipes and a bottle their perfectly fine. But us as parents, we have to pack a little bit more than that.
In today's post i will be sharing you what i keep inside my Diaper Purse. Yes, i call it a diaper purse mainly because its not a diaper bag. I didn't buy a diaper bag, not because i didn't want too. I just didn't know what one would work for me at the time and the one i was looking at and really liked is always sold out.  But i know i will eventually get a backpack style one and it has to have a place where i can keep a bottle or more, with some type of installation.

Anyways, lets get into whats inside...

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